Reserving an Apartment

Our procedure is simple. To find out the availability of our apartments and to make a reservation, send an email to Ed, with your questions.

Ed will get back to you with answers to your questions.

If you decide to rent, you will be directed to come back to this page to send $150 refundable deposit plus $10 transfer fee.

There it is, very simple. Why don’t you contact Ed right now?

Use the email, or if you are in Costa Rica,

Ed's land line phone is:

011 506 2249 4736

Ed's Cell Phone is:

011 506 8896 5510

Ed's E-mail:

[email protected]


Yes, there is an extra digit in the phone numbers!

This is not an error. All phone numbers in Costa Rica have it.

Our payment options are through Pay Pal.

Deposit [$150 ]

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