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Costa Rica National Parks / Reserves

Over a quarter of Costa Rica consists of protected areas that are composed of National Parks, National Reserves, Natural Refuges, Absolute National Reserves, Wildlife Refuges, Marine Sanctuaries, Conservation Areas and Biological Reserves. If you are looking for a place with unspoiled natural wonders, Costa Rica has it!

It was in 1970 that Costa Rica developed the National Parks System. Because of this, the parks and reserves are home to over 200 mammals, including six species of felines - jaguar, ocelot, margay, puma, jaguarundi and tiger cats. There are 857 species of bird, 11,000 insects and over 9,000 species of plants, including 1,200 beautiful verities of orchids and many trees.. Click on the selection below of almost 70 National Parks and Reserves to begin your adventure.

One of the most comprehensive articles on these parks is located at the 1-Costa Rica Links site.

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